Unblockit: Best Proxy To Access Blocked Websites

Unblockit is your ultimate solution for unlocking your favourite websites! Tired of facing restrictions and being unable to access the content you love? Look no further! Unblockit is a top-tier proxy service designed to break through online barriers and provide you with seamless access to any website, anytime. Its cutting-edge technology ensures anonymity and security while bypassing geographical restrictions, giving you the freedom to explore the digital world without limitations. Whether streaming, social networking, or educational sites, Unblockit has got you covered. Join thousands of satisfied users who trust Unblockit for their online needs. Experience the internet like never before with Unblockit!

What Is Unblockit?

Unblockit is a valuable platform that offers a simple and effective solution to the issues of blocked sites and access denial. It serves as a gateway to banned torrent sites, providing users with directly accessible links to significant torrent, streaming, sports streaming, direct downloads, music, and book download sites. This user-friendly platform has gained immense popularity as it offers a hassle-free way to access working torrent links with just a click, saving users from the frustration of searching for functional links.

Unblockit has become a famous source for users seeking uninterrupted entertainment by acting as the go-to hub for all torrenting needs. The platform features prominent torrent websites like 1337x, ThePirateBay, and Kickass, along with a list of proxy sites for live channels, making it possible to bypass restrictions imposed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and government blacklists. With Unblockit, users can enjoy a seamless and cost-free entertainment experience, making it a highly reliable and efficient solution for accessing blocked content and ensuring uninterrupted online entertainment. 

What Does Unblockit Offer?

Unblockit, which includes thousands of websites that are prohibited, has rapidly grown to be quite well-known. The Pirate Bay, 1337x, and many other illegal websites are accessible through the website. The platform is simple; you must search for the website you want to visit, confirm your entry, and you’re in. 

Because Unblockit is an unlawful website and the government blocks websites like that to prevent bootlegging, it is possible to provide connections to various well-known websites. In order to influence the authorities, the owner frequently changes the primary address to a different domain.

What Are The Alternatives Of Unblockit?

If you are not able to access your desired site through Unblockit, there are many different options for Unblockit alternatives that you can try:


Uproxy is a free, open-source browser extension by the University of Washington. It lets you create, use, and share a personal browser proxy. Access trusted family/friends’ internet or create a private server with DigitalOcean. The latter offers a custom uProxy version without relying on others. A DigitalOcean account is required, costing $10/month (with $5 server support planned). Alternatively, install uProxy on an existing server, bypassing another account signup but requiring manual setup.


You can access a variety of content through MagnetDL, a free online service and hub for entertainment, including torrent games, anime, TV episodes, e-books, music, and software. Compared to other Unblockit solutions, MagnetDL makes it relatively simple to visit the website and download the content. All you need to do is click on the link. The absence of advertisements on the website implies that your access to the services will be continued. What else? Additionally, mobile-friendly, the website is. So it’s simple to access thousands of pieces of content. 


Piratebayproxy.net is a user-friendly website that offers a list of functional Pirate Bay proxy sites, providing a solution for users facing geographical restrictions. Pirate Bay is a popular platform for torrent file downloads, encompassing a wide array of content like movies, music, apps, and games. However, copyright issues hinder access in some regions. Users can mask their location from their ISP by utilising a TPB Proxy. Nevertheless, Pirate Bay proxy sites are sometimes blocked as well. With piratebayproxy, users can find working proxy sites, ensuring hassle-free access to Pirate Bay from any location.


UnblockTorrent is a reliable platform that aids users in accessing blocked torrent sites worldwide. ISPs, companies, and governments often restrict access to torrent sites. Still, with UnblockTorrent’s fast torrent proxy service, users can effortlessly unblock sites like RARBG, YTS, Pirate Bay, 1337x, Limetorrents, EZTV, and many more. It emphasises the importance of hiding your IP address using a VPN to ensure a safe and risk-free torrenting experience. 


1337.net.in is a free BitTorrent, search engine, and proxy server designed to offer torrent links. You can easily download music, movies, games, and other entertainment content here. People use the site to view stuff online without any restrictions in addition to downloading it. Users can quickly look for the content they want using the search bar. The website is quick to download and is safe and secure to use. Therefore, if Unblockit is not functioning, don’t be alarmed; 1337.net.in is here to help. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, Unblockit stands out as the best proxy to access blocked websites, offering a seamless and secure way to bypass restrictions and access your favourite content. With its extensive list of websites, including popular torrent and streaming platforms, Unblockit has become a reliable choice for thousands of satisfied users seeking uninterrupted online entertainment. Explore the digital world without limitations with Unblockit!

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