Uniphore Acquires AI-powered Knowledge Automation Firm Colabo

Uniphore technologies Inc, a Conversational Automation platform, on Wednesday, acquired an AI-powered knowledge automation Colabo. The company has not disclosed the financial statement for the traction. Colabo specializes in extracting and utilizing information from structured and unstructured in real-time. 

Uniphore is a Chennai-based company that focuses on business growth. It said that Colabo’s AI solution powers customers’ engagement solution by unifying knowledge from any digital and physical content into a seamless, personalized and omni-channel experience.  

“This acquisition brings together unique abilities to arm enterprises with new tools that provide a quick resolution to customer queries and empower agents with real-time, actionable innovation”, said Umesh Sachdeva. Co-founder and CEO of Uniphore. 

The acquisition will enable enterprises to leverage AI, according to the Uniphore. 

Colabo is an Israel-based company, and according to a statement, its integration into Uniphore’s platform will ultimately help ensure the most relevant content and next best action are delivered to Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) and live agents for better customer interactions. 

“We will broaden our vision by integrating into Uniphore’s conversational AI and automation platform, which brings rigour and best-of-breed agility and accuracy to every contact inquiry, Yoav Denmark, Co-founder & CEO of Colabo stated. 

Uniphore became a unicorn last year after raising $400 million as a part of the Series E funding round. Now the Uniphore is a privately held startup company valued at $1 billion.   

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