UPI’s Global Expansion, India To Become Trillion Dollar Economy In Few Years Says PM Modi 

At the BRICS conference on Tuesday in Johannesburg, Prime Minister Modi declared that India would have a developed economy by the year 2047. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised India’s advancements in the field of digital payments, including the Unified Payments Interface, or UPI, and enlisted international assistance for the UPI’s international expansion.

Modi also promoted India’s Unified Payment Interface (UPI) to the BRICS countries, praising how it is accessible throughout all of India, “from street vendors to the shopping mall.” 

Modi says, India has the biggest volume of digital transactions per capita in the world, which entices nations like the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and France to use UPI.

Modi additionally pointed out economic changes made over a number of years to encourage both domestic and foreign investment.

In front of the leaders of countries like Brazil, India, and South Africa, with Russian President Vladimir Putin practically there, Modi also claimed that we had eliminated red tape for investors in favour of providing them with red carpet treatment. 

India, according to PM Modi, is making a “transformative” contribution to improving the global economy through a notable improvement in the ease of doing business.

“India’s success is accredited to the nation’s ability to transform adversity into an economic reform opportunity, with an emphasis on reducing compliance burdens and facilitating the ease of doing business,” the PM says.

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