Vantara – Spiritual Path To Animal Welfare   

In Hinduism, animals hold the utmost grandeur regarding spirituality, strength and control. Whether it’s Durga’s Lion, Indra’s white elephant, Shiva’s snake or bull, Vishnu’s eagle, Sraswati’s hamsa, Kartikeya’s peacock or Krishna’s cow, these creatures are revered as divine beings personifying various gods and goddesses in mythology.

Believing in the narrative where Shri Ram aided and showed kindness to Jatayu and the small squirrel, Anant Ambani, the youngest son of chairperson Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Foundation chairperson Nita Ambani, adopts this philosophy. He recently launched his dream project – Vantara – in an attempt to save injured, abused, and endangered animals, specifically elephants. Beyond Hindu beliefs, continuous habitat loss and poaching threaten the wildlife population tremendously – making it arduous to find suitable sites for these animals; that’s where Anant Ambani becomes a saviour for these voiceless creatures by providing them shelter like heaven – Vantara. 

3,000- Acre Animal Shelter Of Reliance 

Vanatra (Star Of The Forest) is situated in the heart of industrial Gujarat within Reliance’s Jamnagar Refinery Complex, the Green Belt of Gujarat. The project is an unparalleled collaboration of Reliance Industries and Anant’s intense dedication. Not only is Vanatar a typical business venture, but it is also a sanctuary dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation, a testament to Ambani’s lifelong passion for animal welfare. 

In an interview with Anand Narasimha, Anant revealed that they had rescued more than 200 elephants from all across India and are cared for by more than 200-400 professionals at Vantara. Besides elephants, they’ve rescued thousands of other animals, reptiles, and birds from unsafe situations over the last few years. Up to this point, Vantara has successfully rescued and provided rehabilitation for over 2000 animals from 43 different species, encompassing large herbivores, reptiles, big cats, and elephants.. Initiatives are also taken to save species like rhinos, leopards, and crocodiles. 

The Visionary Behind Vantara 

Anant’s unwavering dedication to saving injured animals, especially elephants, shows his ardent love for animals, which isn’t a recent development but has been harboured since childhood. He contemplates his life dedicated to animal care, reflecting his passion for saving animals and providing them with the life they deserve. Vanatra isn’t just about a beautiful sanctuary and offering a lifeline to needy animals. 

Speaking of the initiative to press, Anant Ambani said, “I have been taking care of animals ever since my childhood days because my parents told me that those who help the voiceless animals get immensely blessed in return…Even in our Hindu religion, it is said that Shri Ram helped and took care of Jatayu. Shri Ram also took care of a small squirrel, and it blessed him in return.” 

Anant also shared his insights into Hindu deities, saying that every deity has an animal close to them and their concept of vahana. He also said that he perceives God with animals. For Shri Krishna, he says, “It is often said—hathi, ghoda, palki, jai kanhaiya lal ki! In Hindu dharma, animals are scared of us as they represent Gods and Goddesses, so they must be rescued from any danger.” 

Ultra-Modern Rescue Center 

With a commitment to never flinching, Anant ensures the prolonged survival of endangered, injured, or abused animals in his newly launched rehabilitation centre, Vantara. In order to guarantee that animals receive top-tier amenities, Vantara has outfitted itself with cutting-edge shelters, both daytime and nighttime enclosures, a hydrotherapy pool, and an expansive jacuzzi specifically designed for arthritis treatments for elephants.. Managed by a team of 500+ strong staff, including nutritionists, veterinarians, and pathologists, the centre claims to boast one of the largest elephant hospitals worldwide.  

Standing at 25,000 metres tall, the hospital is fully equipped with advanced medical facilities, which include laser machines, portable X-rays, a pathology lab, a pharmacy centre, a hyperbaric oxygen centre, GPS collars, and drone technology for aerial surveillance. With a focus on individualised attention, the facility provides Multani-mitti massages and hot oil therapy for elephants, administered by a team of seasoned Ayurveda professionals.

Beyond Basic Care

While Vantara is a loving home for rescued animals, its vision goes beyond basic care. Its holistic and unparalleled approach focuses on animals’ physical well-being and mental and emotional health. Enriching programs are designed to stimulate animal’s instincts and behaviours for ultimate well-being. For instance, elephants might engage in mud play or foraging, while cheetahs might participate in simulated hunting. 

An Idol-Inspiring Change 

After its successful launch, Vantara has garnered significant attention worldwide – thanks to Anant Ambani, who paved the way to protect vulnerable wildlife. He aspires to make Vantara a commitment to wildlife conservation in India and depicts an excellent shift – encouraging a robust and friendly relationship between humans and the natural world.

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