Vertiv Successfully Launches Manufacturing Facility

Vertiv, a US-based provider of cooling solutions, critical digital infrastructure, and continuity solutions, successfully inaugurated its 3rd state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune. The facility’s sole purpose is to meet the increasing demands for data centres and supports rapidly growing infrastructure in India. 

According to the company, this is Vertiv’s 3rd manufacturing facility in India, with the other two being in Ambernath and Pune, which will boost the local economy and nurture talent. The new plant manufactures thermal management products and solutions for data centres, telecom, and commercial and industrial applications, catering to domestic and international markets. Vertiv’s Chakan facility is set to implement the latest technologies like AI and automation to enable AI-powered cooling and thermal management. It also sports a state-of-the-art Psychometric lab to provide performance-based testing, a dedicated customer experience centre and design support capabilities. 

Spanning an area of 21,000 sq ft, the facility supports manufacturing cooling solutions ranging from 200 watts to  2 MW. The company said that the facility would also be used for the manufacturing of adiabatic free cooling chillers, large custom air handling units, thermal wall units, a new range of large direct expansion, packaged direct expansions and free cooling with economizer units, a new range of in-row cooling units, wall mount units, and rack cooling systems. Moreover, the facility is situated in a park that is compliant with the India Green Building Council (IGBC). The park emphasises sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of the companies and facilities present in the park. 

On the occasion of the launch of its 3rd manufacturing facility, the CEO of the company, Giordano Albertazzi said, “With increasing global digitalization and the rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the data centre industry is experiencing growth and a demand for more capacity, including for data centre thermal and power infrastructure. India’s emergence as a data centre hub in the APAC region is a key reason that we built this third manufacturing facility in India, and it reinforces our commitment to nurturing the country’s data center ecosystem while also addressing global demand.”

According to reports, India’s data centre is all set for a 678 MW expansion in the next couple of years. It’s worth mentioning that if the company succeeds in this mission, India’s data centre industry will come to a capacity of 1400 MW in the next 2 years. Also, the company is planning on building 45 such plants spanning 13 million square feet, which will further increase India’s capacity by 1,015 MW. Vertiv plans to achieve this by 2025, driving the industry to a size of $9.27 billion in the next 4 years. 

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