What is really pushing women forward?

Deepika Singh  
Vice President Human-Resources "Webkul"

Deepika Singh, Vice President of Human Resources at Webkul, specializes in comprehensive HR management, including recruitment, performance management, grievance handling, induction, payroll processing, rewards, attendance, training, and overseeing exit formalities.

In today’s era, there is a significant change in women’s mindset. Now, they want to have their own identity. It is not easy to break the glass, women’s need to come out from their set goal of being at home. Now, they are stepping into a diversified career. Professional accomplishments become a source of pride and a testament to their skills, talents, and ambitions.


This movement toward professional independence is fueled by a desire for personal identity, respect, and freedom. The professional working environment has changed a lot in the past decade. Females want a career where they can work without any hindrance and nowadays women’s safety is at the utmost for any organization. This is one of the biggest reasons behind an increase in working women ratio.



Education forms the cornerstone of women’s empowerment. Providing accessible and quality education to females is a key to breaking down barriers. 

In 2010, the female literacy rate was 80.35% which was increased in 2021 by 91.95%.  Females who acquire an education are more likely to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Also, they create a better future for themselves and their family. They are responsible for the next generation so educated women can pass on the importance of education to them. 



The pursuit of respect has become a significant aspect of professional life, particularly for women. Respect in the workplace serves as a validation of competence. When women receive acknowledgement for their skills, knowledge, and achievements, it reinforces their professional capabilities. Acknowledging and appreciating their hard work not only boosts morale but also creates a culture where diligence and commitment are celebrated.



Financial independence plays a vital role. A career allows women to make choices about their lives, from deciding where to live to shaping their lifestyle. Women are contributing towards family & society. Professional success provides the autonomy to make decisions that align with personal values and aspirations. 


Creating new role models  

The next generation will see so many women leaders. Today’s leaders will be seen as the younger generation’s role models. By pursuing careers and establishing themselves as leaders, women inspire others to follow their path. This creates a positive cycle of empowerment. 



Females are not just climbing the career ladder; they are extending a helping hand to lift others along with them. Through their achievements, advocacy, and support, working women are becoming powerful sources of inspiration & creating the path for the next generation.


The call for women to come forward and join hands in building a new world for future generations is not just a matter of equity, it is an acknowledgment of the unique and invaluable contributions women make to society. Women, with their unique perspectives, talents, and resilience, are instrumental in constructing a world.