EV Leaders in India 2023: Transformers Of The Indian Automotive 

The automotive sector is at a crossing point in regard to technological instability and going through the transition face to manufacture relatively clean electric vehicles. As the automobile evolves into an advanced smartphone on wheels, it necessitates the adoption of new business models. The shift unquestionably necessitates a new breed of leaders capable of adapting quickly to changing environments, and many Indian EV leaders have shown their potential. 

On its quest to find and recognise the best EV leaders in India 2023, TradeFlock digs deeper to determine the top strengths and qualities of influential EV leaders in India and consolidates them below. 

They Are Curious And Promote Experiment 

It is critical for an electronic vehicle leader to be at ease with the ever-changing industry dynamics and to be open to change. The same is true for team building, maintenance, and performance. A leader who is keen to learn, willing to experiment, and seeks to encourage a feedback culture in the organisation can help the company from a variety of perspectives. In order to achieve success, leading EV leaders take the approach of experimenting, assessing, extrapolating and progressing. 

They Are True Path Breakers 

Driverless cars, connected mobility, and ride-sharing were the few major disruptions in the electric vehicle industry prior to the pandemic, and today, every other company is jumping on board. Potential electric vehicle leaders who are not bound by traditional practices are expected to have a disruptive mindset. Instead, they remain enthusiastic about the convention. When working with the ‘optimistic intent over progressive growth’ concept, this goes a long way. Competencies in improving user experience, IoT, and AI, combined with flexibility and agility to quickly re-work, re-think, and re-purpose strategies to meet the demands of an innovative world, are essential for successful EV leaders in India 2023.

They Respond To Evolving Challenges 

The generation of electric vehicle leaders is motivated by the ‘reinvent and get started’ approach, and they can strategically lead the team and achieve effective results. Handling the complexities that arise, debating and addressing various challenges, predicting potential scenarios, and finally, shaping new models of operation that perfectly match the matrix is all that is needed. Top electric vehicle leaders in India ensure that they have done a SWOT analysis correctly!

They Are Out Of The Box Thinkers 

As an expert in his field, leading electric leaders know that they must stay updated and constantly seek to add new skills to their knowledge while encouraging their team to do the same. They understand this fact well that they must learn new skills, have the knowledge to test new procedures and bring them to market while remaining forward-thinking in an industry that is still evolving with a ‘what next’ perspective. This necessitates experimenting with various permutations and combinations in conjunction with a crisis management strategy in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

They Are Quick Decision-Makers 

Top electric vehicle leaders in India are quick decision-makers. According to a McKinsey research report, quick decision-makers are 95 % more likely to be profitable. As a result, quick decisions are valued, as there have been numerous instances where the decision-making process has taken too long, compromising results. Many conventional automotive companies continue to suffer from organisational boundaries and hierarchical procedures, which are not needed in fast-growing economies like ours; thus, implementing discipline is critical to achieving high team performance and for the organisation’s overall benefits.

They Are Efficient Data Activists 

The maturity of EV leaders and their EV strategies is undoubtedly linked to their existing data activities. Most leaders have access to details about EV driver behaviour. The majority of them rely on first-party data on consumer spending at EV charging stations and supplement with information obtained effectively from third parties associated with the charging process.

They Have Their Vision For Electric Vehicle  

Top EV leaders in India have a clearly different EV strategy. They anticipate the future of EVs and market changes and are ready to adjust their strategy as recent advancements emerge. These leaders already see benefits from their strategy and have kept investing in EV infrastructure as a result. They also look for new ways to monetise charging and transform the EV service station. However, they remain concerned about the future of the energy grid and believe that more needs to be done to support companies and hold them accountable for their sustainability efforts.

Considering the above-mentioned qualities and attributes, TradeFlock evaluates the leaders in the electric vehicle industry and picks the most dynamic among them to create its list of top EV leaders in India 2023.

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