Why GetResponse is An Exciting Email Marketing Option Any Day, Anytime

Email marketing is a critical component of online marketing. Contemporary marketers agree with the indispensability of email marketing campaigns to lead generation. Little wonder companies are spending millions on campaigns just to access the inboxes of their prospective customer.

Now with over 300 billion emails sent daily, you need to step up the tempo and quality of your email campaign. This is particularly when you are executing email marketing campaigns at scale.

Let us imagine you are a sporting business and want to send updates on the latest bookmaker promotions like the 1xbet bonus to over 500 email recipients. Would you send each email one at a time?

Definitely not! You would need an automated email marketing tool to speed up the process. One of the best email marketing tools for marketers today is GetResponse.

Stepping into the world of GetResponse

Now, if you are into email marketing and you don’t know about GetResponse, you deserve some whipping! Why?

GetResponse ranks up there along with MailChimp as the email marketing automation titans in the digital marketing space. 

GetResponse is today boasts more than 1 billion monthly subscribers. This multitude of users is drawn from over 178 countries scattered across the globe.

GetResponse introduces unparalleled ease into email marketing, making it seamless to create stunning email campaigns and alluring landing pages with no knowledge of coding. Its editor is top-class and is impressively intuitive.

Game-changing email marketing technologies at your fingertips

There is an extensive suite of email automation tools that you can explore on GetResponse to amplify the returns you get from your email campaigns. 

One great feature about GetResponse is that you don’t have to your email marketing “in the dark”. GetResponse is very statistical and boasts one of the best analytics in the email marketing space.

These analytics give you valuable metrics to define and assess how well your email campaigns are going. 

You can track how well your recipients interact with your content regarding open and click-through rates and related conversions. 

Armed with these metrics, you can further consolidate your marketing strategies (if they are working) or make the necessary tweaks for those campaigns in which you are not hitting your objectives.

Top-of-the-class email templates

The simplicity of GetResponse stands it out from the crowd. Just anyone can use GetResponse. You don’t need concrete technical experience of coding to use it. With GetResponse, you can choose from over 500 top-class email templates. GetResponse is one of the most effective email marketing platforms when it comes to audience segmentation and personalization.

 On GetResponse, you can partition your mailing list into 5 separate segments. You can readily take out a specific cluster of recipients using Tags if you don’t want them to get those designated messages. It is as seamless as checking the relevant checkboxes.  

It is way easier to send personalized emails

GetResponse offers more customization options, allowing you to streamline emails to your recipients according to their demographics, recent buying behavior, interests, and location. 

By integrating your audience persona into the emails you send via GetResponse, you can be confident your emails will resonate perfectly with the recipients, aggressively boosting conversions. This allows you to give every individual on your mailing list a tailor-made customer journey. 

Examining the pricing

On MailChimp (which is the closest alternative to GetResponsive), such extensive segmentation is a luxury. With MailChimp, you are forced to make do with “Groups” and “Segments”. If you want to enjoy such advanced segmentation as on GetReponse, you have to pay $299 per month for the Premium plan!

Interestingly, GetResponse is not a high-end automation solution. The pricing models are far more flexible than the commonality you will see today on the internet. 

GetResponse now has a free plan that allows you to email up to 500 contacts in a month. There is no cap on the number of newsletters you can send in this plan.

You can create landing pages, sign-up, and pop-up forms and even enjoy a dedicated website builder as well as connecting to your domain.

The next plan comes at $15.58 per month and is a massive upgrade on the free version. For example, instead of the one landing page and website builder you get on the free plan, the latter paid model gives you unlimited website builders and landing pages.

Having fed you with the basic features of GetResponse, it is up to you to explore them further and see how best they suit your email marketing needs.

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