Why is Hawaii Becoming the Leader in USA’s EV Adoption?

The whole world is moving towards EV vehicles to ensure a sustainable and clean future. The USA is not an exception. Some of the biggest states in the USA are seeing a boom in EV adoption rates. However, one anomaly that no one is expected to lead in EV adoption is Hawaii. The tropical island has seen a recent increase in EV sales. The state has the fifth-highest EV adoption rate in all of the US. Moreover, Hawaii ranks 3rd in terms of EV adoption scores in the states. EV adoption score is a score given after evaluating various factors like the market, EV availability, and consumer preference, to name a few. California has an EV adoption score of 46.1, and Washington is at 37, while Hawaii stands firmly at 3rd with an EV adoption rate of 33.8. 

But why Hawaii? Many factors determine this. One of the most important is the high gas prices on the island. The average price of gas in Hawaii is $4.72, which is $1.10 higher than the national average of $3.62.

Moreover, the popularity of hybrid models in Hawaii also pushed EV sales in the region. Although there are a lot of innovations happening in the EV industry, one of the reasons people don’t buy EVs in America is the long road trips they have to take, and an EV is unreliable for long distances. However, Hawaiians don’t have long road trip concerns. According to J.D. Power, the most selling EVs in the tropical island are Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3, and Ford F-150 Lightning.  

Another reason for increasing EV sales in Hawaii is that the people of Hawaii have immense respect for their land and a higher sense of responsibility toward stewarding it. On top of that, the island has a good and reliable renewable energy infrastructure. 

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