Poonam Madan

From Legal Expertise to Executive Excellence

Poonam Madan

Senior Executive Director,


I ndia’s economic expansion is closely tied to its infrastructural developments. Real estate is a powerhouse contributing 7% to the nation’s GDP and has become the secondlargest employer. Remarkably, women hold 23% of leadership roles within this sector, a testament to their increasing influence and capability. One among them is Poonam Madan, Senior Executive Director at DLF who stands out for her exemplary leadership in real estate law and litigation, where female role models are scarce. By championing diversity and inclusion, Poonam has not only contributed to the company but has also fostered an environment where innovation thrives, and sustainable business practices are becoming the new norm. Her leadership philosophy is simple yet impactful: create a workplace where diverse thoughts are heard and celebrated. During a conversation with TradeFlock, Poonam shared insights into her leadership approach, and success mantra. She also offered valuable advice for aspiring women professionals climbing the corporate ladder in the real estate industry.

Kindly share key moments and milestones that shaped your professional growth and leadership style.

My professional journey has been both exciting and challenging as I continually strive to surpass my limits. A significant experience that shaped my career involved overseeing complex legal negotiations and managing high-stakes litigation. It significantly improved my decision-making skills as I was responsible for legal negotiations and dealing. Additionally, my position demanded extensive cross-functional and department collaboration, which also broadened my perspective and transformed my leadership style. It encouraged me to view challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, a mindset that not only benefited me personally but also motivated my team to pursue continuous improvement and innovation.

What is your contribution to DLF’s legacy of customer-centric service excellence?

DLF’s reputation for customer-centric service excellence is a fundamental aspect of our brand, and during my tenure, I have strived to contribute by ensuring transparency and efficiency particularly in terms of our communications with stakeholders, ensuring they always felt informed and respected. These efforts have demonstrated our commitment to the highest standards of service and reliability.

In navigating the legal landscape of real estate, what were your biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?

Navigating the legal landscape in real estate is undoubtedly challenging because it involves complex regulatory issues and contractual disputes. As a senior leader, one of the most significant challenges I’ve faced is balancing strict legal compliance with aggressive business goals, all while managing potential legal risks effectively. To tackle these challenges, I prioritised proactive risk management to identify and mitigate legal issues before they escalated.

What advice do you have for women aspiring to succeed in real estate?

I believe that it is essential to leverage your individual talents and perspectives, as these contribute to a richer, more diverse workplace. Building resilience will help you navigate challenges with grace. Additionally, finding mentors and fostering a supportive network can provide invaluable guidance and open doors to new opportunities. Together, by advocating for gender parity, we can challenge the existing stereotypes and forge a more inclusive industry where every voice is heard and valued.

What professional and personal goals do you have for the coming years?

In the years ahead, I am committed to enhancing my leadership capabilities and spearheading transformative change, with a strong focus on nurturing a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. I am passionate about continuous learning and exploring new skills that enrich my personal life and professional performance. Additionally, I am dedicated to giving back to the community through mentorship that makes a lifelong difference.
















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