Shilpi Saklani

Driven By Purpose, Leading By Examples

Shilpi Saklani

Director Hr & Legal, Board Member

METRO Global Solution Center IN

I n the world of leadership, it is not just the titles that define one’s journey but the moments of decision that shape a leader’s ethos and path. Reflecting on a rewarding career that intertwines roles of immense influence and responsibilities, Shilpi Saklani, Board Member and Director of People & Culture at Metro Global Solution Center, has navigated through challenges with a blend of wisdom and courage.
Breaking barriers and shattering ceilings, Shilpi is also making a transformative impact in the boardroom by using the head-hearthand leadership style, fuelled by expertise in creating people strategies to drive business results. Driven by her values and purpose, Shilpi continues her endless pursuit of finding IKIGAI in leadership.
In an exclusive interview with TradeFlock, she discussed instances that have shaped her leadership and management style and the vision for Metro Global Solution Center. Let’s dive into a journey that is not just about reaching the top but about how one can lift others while climbing—a journey of learning, leading, and leaving a legacy of change. 

What key moments have shaped your leadership style throughout your career?

Reflecting now, I realise there have been numerous defining moments along my journey, affirming the adage that hindsight brings wisdom. Acknowledging the significance of early experiences, particularly during my school days when I served as the head girl, I recognized the seeds of personal growth. In that role, I naturally embodied leadership traits such as leading by example, advocating for values, and nurturing inclusivity, which has since become integral to my leadership style. At one juncture in my career, I hesitated over whether I was ready for a higher position. However, my mentor reassured me with the reminder that readiness is a myth; leaders embrace the unknown and take the plunge. This guidance has shaped my leadership style, empowering me from within and also helped me to identify promising individuals whom I’ve mentored into future leaders. Furthermore, heading a global transformation project a few years ago deeply impacted how I lead. I mastered the art of blending big-picture vision with practical action, smoothly shifting between strategic focus and detailed execution. Collaborating with experienced industry veterans during these critical times has greatly shaped my leadership journey.

As Director of People and Culture at Metro Global, what key achievements are you proud of?

In my capacity as both a board member and the head of People & Culture at Metro Global Solution Center, I’m fortunate to be part of an organisation that thrives on growth mindset, innovation, and inclusion. One of the highlights of my time here has been spearheading our leadership transformation efforts, where we organically worked on leadership mindset journey enabling our leaders to be the change they wish to bring in, thereby cultivating accountability, ownership & moving from hierarchies to ‘servant leadership’. We cultivate a culture of “fail fast and learn quick,” empowering team members to challenge norms without the fear of failure. Every day, we progress towards a more engaged and empowered workforce, driven by a shared vision of positive change and an unwavering commitment to be the best version of ourselves.

Can you describe a challenging career situation and how you handled it?

At the beginning of my leadership journey, I was entrusted with leading an organisational transition, this also meant not a pleasant change for a few; an immense responsibility, especially considering my relatively lesser experience as compared to the other company leaders In facing this challenge, I emphasised authenticity and transparency in all communications, supporting these with empathy. I guided the team to first understand the ‘WHY’ behind our actions, believing that a clear, shared purpose would simplify the process of addressing the ‘HOW.’ This approach not only facilitated buy-in but also made subsequent steps more manageable. During this period of uncertainty, I demonstrated confidence, adaptability, focus, and a readiness to embrace change, leading by example. I made it a point to be hands-on daily, working alongside even the most junior members of the team. By being actively involved and visibly supportive, I ensured that my leadership was felt at every level.

How do you blend your diverse HR skills to enhance organisational success?

In my various roles, I’ve consistently adhered to the principle of “basis and basics,” which emphasises grounding my actions and decisions in essential elements like purpose, vision, and strategy. I regularly evaluate whether my actions align with these core aspects. This approach not only sharpens my focus but also enables me to apply my core expertise more effectively across different responsibilities. Over the years, this practice has refined my skills, enhancing my ability to adapt and excel in diverse roles.

How do you ensure continuous learning for yourself and your team in the evolving HR landscape?

While there is much to explore in this area, I’ll be brief. Our teams embrace a powerful yet simple practice: maintaining a childlike curiosity for learning. We face each challenge with an open, inquisitive mindset, always asking “why” and learning from each other’s experiences. Our organisational culture teaches us to fail fast and learn quickly. This approach has ingrained a deep-seated learning culture in our workplace, evident in everything from traditional training to on-the-job experiences, making us a true learning organisation.
















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