Women Leaders in India 2024


In the landscape of India’s corporate sector, a remarkable shift is underway as women leaders emerge at the forefront of industries long dominated by men. The narrative of Indian women in leadership is being rewritten, with each barrier broken and each ceiling shattered. In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, where operational roles have traditionally seen a stark gender disparity, women now hold a growing share of leadership positions. For instance, the IT industry, a sphere where executive roles were predominantly male, has seen a significant increase in women’s representation, with top companies adding over 3,38,000 women to their workforce in the last fiscal year alone. 

Another example is Synopsys, a leader in the semiconductor industry, which has increased its female workforce to 25% out of 4,000 in India, a significant rise from 15% a few years ago. This surge is not just a matter of numbers; it’s a cultural and economic revolution. Women are filling roles and bringing innovative perspectives and diverse problem-solving approaches that enhance decision-making and drive performance.

In its exclusive and latest issue – ‘Women Leaders in India 2024’, TradeFlock celebrates the audacious spirit of women business leaders who are redefining success in male-dominated industries. Dive into the stories of tenacity and triumph that are reshaping the corporate world. 

Amzur Technologies

Ranjana Maitra
Ranjana Maitra

Country Head-International

University of New Haven

Ranjana’s professional trajectory powerfully affirms her skillful leadership and entrepreneurial expertise accumulated over more than 25 years in the technology sector, with a special focus on healthcare and life sciences. Her achievements encompass the successful creation of new enterprises, the management of worldwide centers of delivery excellence, and the effective restructuring of recently acquired businesses.

Menrva Technologies

Jahnavi Thekkada

Vice President- Data & Data Science

Lucida Technologies

Jahnavi Thekkada’s tenure as Vice President of Data & Data Science at Lucida Technologies marks a significant stride in harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning to derive strategic insights across diverse sectors. Her prior contributions to modernizing data warehousing technologies and introducing innovative solutions during her time at IBM-Netezza underscore her influential role in the evolution of data science and business intelligence.

AUK Computing

Kopal Agrawal

Chief Procurement Officer


Kopal Agrawal’s professional journey exemplifies her strategic acumen and visionary leadership in the procurement domain. As the Chief Procurement Officer at Hindalco Industries Limited, she has been instrumental in steering the company’s procurement strategies towards new heights of efficiency and innovation.

Chropynska India

Parminder Chopra

Chairperson & Managing Director

Power Finance Corporation

Parminder Chopra’s ascent to the pinnacle of the Power Finance Corporation (PFC) exemplifies her relentless dedication, strategic acumen, and transformative leadership. Her journey, deeply rooted in a solid foundation in finance and power, spans over 35 years and culminates in her current role as the Chairperson and Managing Director of PFC. 

Senior Director

Poonam Madan
Poonam Madan

Senior Executive Director


Poonam Madan distinguishes herself through her exceptional leadership in real estate law and litigation, domains where female role models are notably rare. Her advocacy for diversity and inclusion has not only made a significant contribution to the company but has also cultivated a workplace where innovation flourishes, and sustainable business practices are increasingly adopted as standard.

Director - AI

Reema Jain

Chief Information & Digital Officer

Hero MotoCorp

Reema’s ascent to the helm of Hero MotoCorp’s digital endeavours is a landmark testament to the company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. Her leadership transcends gender norms, inspiring women in technology worldwide. Reema’s visionary approach isn’t confined to breaking barriers; it’s about setting new benchmarks of excellence, catalysing the digital revolution, and empowering future generations of female leaders in STEM.