Youngest Entrepreneurs in India: Stories Behind Their Success

From Nowhere to the Billionaires, These are the Most Successful Youngest Entrepreneurs in India Who Have Earned Name and Fame. 

Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, and Falguni Nayar ━ probably three of are well-known names and faces of India. Started with none and become successful entrepreneurs in India, they owe companies worth millions of dollars with their brilliant minds. Following their success stories, many youths of India have proved that age is just a matter of numbers. With their skills, potential, and dedication, they have become the successful youngest entrepreneurs in India.

Look into the stories of famous young entrepreneurs in India and see how they are leading the Indian market. We bring a list of the top youngest entrepreneurs in India who have created their own paths to follow their goals. With their brilliant minds, they have identified the gap in the market, initiated a startup, and are now regarded as the pave-changer. 

Let’s go through the list of the top 10 young entrepreneurs in India. 

  • Tilak Mehta

Age- 14 years

Company – Papers and Parcel

Year Founded- 2018

Services- Courier Services

The founder of courier services, Tilak Mehta, comes into entrepreneurship under the age of 18. Regarded as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India, runs Papers and Parcels, an app-based digital courier company that provides a one-day parcel service. It is the fastest courier company that delivers the parcel on the same day at the lowest cost within the Mumbai boundaries. To ensure same-day deliveries, he has collaborated with the Mumbai Dabbawalas. The company offers door-to-door pick-up and delivery services for even small items like pens, important documents, etc. The services are absolutely safe. Tilak Mehta is already running a strong network in Mumbai and working on expanding the business. 

  • Aadithyan Rajesh

Age- 16 years

Company – Trinet Solutions, Dubai

Year Founded- 2018

Services- Web Design and Software Development 

Another name on the list of youngest entrepreneurs in India is Aadithyan Rajesh, who developed his first mobile application at the age of 9. Seeing his interest in design logos and coding, he started developing games and founded Trinet Solutions. His first app was ‘Ashirwad’ – a web browser similar to Google Chrome that was developed using Android Studio over the Aptoide Marketplace. He also runs his YouTube channel named ‘A Craze’, where he publishes vlogs on technology, coding, gaming, and web designing. 

  • Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran 

Age- 16 & 15 years

Company – GoDimensions

Year Founded- 2011

Services- Software

The next name on the list of youngest entrepreneurs in India is Shravan and Sanjay Kumar, duo, who have developed their first app at the age of 10. These tech-savvy brothers are the co-founders of the company GoDimensions and have developed 11 gaming applications. Their brilliant minds made them stand at this stage, and they are working hard to make their future bright. 

  • Advait Thakur

Age- 18 years

Company – Apex Infosys India

Year Founded- 2015

Services- technology

The list of the youngest entrepreneurs in India is not short. It shows that the country has talented youth that needs to be polished to become successful entrepreneurs in India. Advait Thakur is the CEO and founder of Apex Infosys, a computer program company in India. He has developed a website at the age of 9 and holds rank in the 4th rank under the ‘Wikia’s young Entrepreneurs under 20 list of 2017. Apart from being the youngest entrepreneur in India, he has also worked with Google’s AI and Cloud platform. He is also regarded as a Google, Bing, and Hubspot certified professional. 

  • Akhilendra Sahu

Age- 20 years

Company – ASTNT Technologies

Year Founded- 2019

Services- Web Development and Digital Marketing

Akhilendra Sahu is another name on the list of youngest entrepreneurs in India. He has been awarded the ‘World’s youngest Entrepreneur’ and ‘India’s Achievers Award’ in 2019. ASTNT technologies is the parent company founded by him and owns multiple other organizations. 

  • Shreelakshmi Suresh 

Age- 23 years

Company – eDesign and TinyLogo

Year Founded- 2009

Services- Web Designing

She is one of the female entrepreneurs in India and the youngest CEO and Web Designer in the World. She developed her first website at the age of 6. There are many leading female entrepreneurs in India who have proved themselves, and Shreelakshmi Suresh is counted as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. With her expertise and skills, she has started running a company at the age of 23, which is worth $1 million.

  • Akshaya Ruperelia

Age- 23 years

Company –

Year Founded- 2016

Services- Online Estate Company

Akshaya Ruperelia is considered the UK’s youngest millionaire due to his online estate agency business. He has become one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India by selling properties for a fraction of the cost charged by other big firms. His company has become the 18th biggest website estate agency in the UK within the first 16 months of its operation ━  the biggest achievement. 

  • Ritesh Agarwal

Age- 27 years

Company – OYO Rooms

Year Founded- 2012

Services- Hotels Industry

With a net worth of $612.1 million, Ritesh Agarwal is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. With all his hard work and passion and secure second rank among the youngest billionaires in the world. Ritesh started selling SIM cards at the age of 13 and by the age of 16, he had become the owner of Oravel Stays, aka OYO. 

  • Farrhad Acidwalla

Age- 27 years

Company – Rockstah Media and Cybernetiv Digital

Year Founded- 2012

Services- Web Developing Media Firm

Farrah is not only one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India, but he is also working with leading international corporations and influencers. He is also counted on the list of ‘Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs to Watch’. The list of titles he has earned is not short. Along with this, he is one of the youngest guest lecturers in IIT Kharagpur. 

  • Ranveer Arora Allahabadia

Age- 28 years

Company – Monk-E

Year Founded- 2012

Services- YouTuber, Motivational Speaker, Fitness coach

India Youngest Entrepreneur Ranveer Arora is the youngest businessman in India known for inspiring youth. He posts various motivational speeches on his YouTube channel. Besides this, he creates vlogs for finance, career, fitness, health, etc. that boost up the youth. 

These youngest entrepreneurs in India have made India proud all over the world, now it’s your turn. You just need to be focused on your goals with the continuous upgrade of your skills. All the Best!

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