Want To Get Your YouTube Unblocked? Here Is A Solution 

Is your YouTube down? Want to access the videos and get YouTube unblocked? This blog contains some possible ways. Read and unlock the restrictions!

YouTube is one of the most popular and successful video streaming platforms, with 26 billion users worldwide. However, it is a legal platform, and it is still restricted in a few regions due to some potential reasons. In this situation, users cannot access YouTube or a particular video in their area. There are four primary reasons you cannot access YouTube or a few videos in your country or area.  

  • Banned by the internet provider because of the complaint about the content.
  • Blocked by the government for some reason. 
  • There is a Domain Name Server (DNS) problem, which does not allow you to connect with the IP address.
  • Your network administrator has restricted access to increase the productivity of the employees and students.
  • May it be blocked by the video owner or creator.
  • Some videos or content are only viewable for over 18 users.

If you want to watch the videos and get YouTube unblocked, read the following section to grasp the most reliable solution!

How To Unblock YouTube Videos From Any Location?

There are several ways to get YouTube unblocked, from using VPN to connecting through a proxy server. We are explaining every method for your reference!


VPN is always the easiest, most successful, and legal way to reach inaccessible websites or content because it connects your internet connection to an anonymous location while hiding your IP address. This means you can bypass geo-restrictions and unblock YouTube channels unavailable in your region.

It might be possible that you can access VPN on your school network, but on your personal device, you can use VPN for PC, Mac, iPhone or Android. And you do not need to be specialised in getting YouTube unblocked- a quality VPN, such as Norton 360, McAfee Total Protection, and Intego, are enough to do it for you. 

Web Proxies 

As the name suggests, web proxies are illegal websites to access blocked sites. Like VPN, web proxies hide your IP address while ensuring privacy and security. Some best web proxies are-

  • Croxyproxy
  • Hidester
  • Proxyyium
  • Kproxy 
  • ProxySite.com
  • Proxify
  • Proxyium
  • TurboHide
  • 4EverProxy
  • VPNBook

All these sites provide free services to all their users and give them access to block videos. Also, accessing these websites is simple; all you need to do is paste the individual URL of the blocked video, and you will be given access to blocked videos. However, getting Youtube unblocked through these websites can not be a long-term solution because most proxy sites get blocked or restricted by the government because they are illegal to use. 

Proxy Browser Add-ons

The next solution to get YouTube unblocked is to install a browser extension with the help of a proxy server. Instead, connect you via computer settings; you will only connect through the browser when you want. There are some add-ons that are specially designed for unblocking YouTube that work perfectly to get YouTube unblocked. 

Google Translator 

Using Google Translator to access blocked videos is a unique and interesting method. This is one of the best and fastest solutions when a VPN or Proxy also does not work on your network. Though, to leverage Google Translator, you need to go to Google Translator Web Page.  

Here is how to get YouTube unblocked using Google Translator. 

  • Go to the Google Translator 
  • Paste the URL of the blocked video in the left section
  • Choose English as your preferred language
  • Click the link that appears in the right section

Your YouTube video will be opened if it has been successfully unblocked. 

Mobile Hotspot

Another simple way to get YouTube unblocked is by using your personal network. Turn your mobile hotspot into a temporary wireless access network, allowing you to connect your drive to the internet. However, this will drain your mobile data without an unlimited plan. 

What Is A Better Way: Using VPN or Web Proxies?

Of course, VPN is the best way to access blocked YouTube videos since it does not breach the law. You only need the best VPN connection, and you are good to get YouTube unblocked. 

Web Proxies, as the name suggests, is not a legitimate way to use blocked websites and videos, so we do not recommend them. 

Disclaimer- Tradeflock does not promote proxy in any way,. This is just an informational post curated to educate our readers. 

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