10 Best CTOs in India 2024 – Leaders That Never Stop!

Technology continues to evolve day by day, and so does the role of a chief technology officer. A CTO is a C-suite position that possesses the responsibility to cater for the technological needs of an organisation. TradeFlock exchanged thoughts with top chief technology officers and industry leaders to determine the best characteristics the ‘10 Best CTOs in India 2024’ possess and what’s their mindset to establish their organisations as market leaders.

Big thinkers and thought-leaders 

Modern day CTOs believe in big-picture strategies and enabling their organisations to stay ahead in the technology front. They analyse rivals’ attempts to use technology to break the market trends and determine how their organisation will utilise technology to be a thought leader in the market. While shortlisting the top CTOs in India, we realised that they must have revolutionary ideas in order to effectively rule the market. As a result, being a “big thinker” is a must-have characteristic of a CTO.

Exceptional technical expertise 

The art teacher is knowledgeable about art. A talented writer is skilful with words. Likewise, the chief technology officers come up with excellent technical skills. The best chief technology officer understands the technology well and gains extensive technical knowledge by working on various phases of development. In our journey to find the best CTOs in India, we found that the leading CTOs come with an inbuilt passion for technology and never ending love for solving problems that have been paused for long.

Familiarity with current tech-trends 

Patients want doctors to keep up to date on the newest medical discoveries in order to provide them with the most innovative treatment. Similarly, developers need their CTO to be tech-savvy to identify whether a new technology or development process is worth researching. A person with the crown of best chief technology officer can forecast where the organisation will go in upcoming years and what technology will get it there. They do it by remaining up to date on the latest innovation in the technology landscape. Top CTOs in India can make the organisation profitable, smart, and scalable by closely checking the evolving world of technology.

Self-inspired product experts 

We believe that a CTO understands how to turn a business concept into an actual operational product. They will be able to recognise whether business objectives and product development are skipped. They take control and lead the team back in the proper way to ensure everything is aligned with the company’s vision. In reality, the best chief technology officer plays an outward-facing position in the organisation, interacting directly with clients. Top CTOs in India have the same soft skills as sales or account managers in this regard, they must be approachable, sensitive, and capable of communicating complicated technical ideas in a relevant and easy-to-understand context.

Enclosed essential entrepreneurial skills 

We shortlited the best CTOs in India based on how they help their businesses stay innovative and successful in the short-to-medium term, but they also have an in-depth understanding of the organisation’s long-term goals and utilise that expertise to implement technology to best serve the organisation’s goals in the long run. Rather than being exhausted in smaller daily activities, leading CTOs remain aware of the bigger picture of where the organisation is standing. 

The best chief technology officers must dedicate their efforts to determining how technology may be leveraged to develop new business models and strategies. They must be aiming to control the market and have ground-breaking ideas. In other words, the Top CTOs in India are entrepreneurial minds who promote innovation.

Innovative yet practical decision-makers

Top CTOs in India know well how to best utilise the available resources. They want to use the newest as well as innovative technologies for their business developments and operations, but when their resources are limited they are efficient enough to get the job done even within the boundaries and make sure their product does not fall behind. It is their practical approach which helps them to stand apart from other business leaders. We shortlisted the 10 best CTOs in India 2024 that always make decisions based on the skill, resources and time available. They never make promises that are unachievable in current situations. 

True believers of business-first approach 

New-age CTOs understand the fact that their responsibilities are associated with the business goals, not the technology. No matter how cool or ground-breaking technology is, it is just a part of the business. Their job role is to utilise the technology aspects as per the market and business needs. Top CTOs in India never defend poor business metrics and results with sound technology. Rather, they make their best effort to leverage the applications of technology and their team efforts to align the organisation’s needs with its vision. 

So, as per the most successful business leaders,  these are the attributes and characteristics on which we have ranked the 10 best CTOs in India 2024. TradeFlock evaluates chief technology officers from diverse corporations to curate its list of the ‘10 best CTOs in India 2024’. 

Company Name

Person Name


Head – IT- Infrastructure

Chief Technology Officer


Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Senior VP ,Group CTO and Digital Head

Vice President & Head, Global Technology & Engineering Center

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Aazam Razvi

Head – IT- Infrastructure, Sterlite Technologies

Aazam has a rich experience of more than 18 Years in the Management of Overall IT Infrastructure (On-Premise and Cloud) with ITIL Best Practices. 

Manikanth Epari

Chief Technology Officer, Globus

Manikanth is a proactive, result-oriented, technically sound, and inspiring tech leader who has served many prestigious organisations throughout his professional journey. 

Manish Kumar

EVP & CTO, ITD Cementation

Manish is known for leveraging his vast experience in the tech field to ensure smooth operations, transparency, and exponential growth in the organization. 

Naimish Sinha

CTO, EaseMyTrip

Naimish is a thought leader with an aim to re-engineer and transform legacy products into further improved and advanced versions with the help of modern software and technology.

Nitin Pandey

CTO, Axess.ai 

Nitin is a dynamic and proactive techie leading the complete technology and engineering processes, including design, architecture, development, technical hiring, and team-building activities.

Prashant Thakur

Senior VP, Group CTO, and Digital Head, Vakrangee Limited

Prashant has previously led Enterprise Architecture and Innovation for Reliance Jio Payments and currently handling 5 lakhs franchises and 5 billion transactions annually, catering to distribute financial services to last-mile pin codes across India.

Radhakrishnan Kodakkal

Vice President & Head, Global Technology & Engineering Center, Whirlpool

Radhakrishnan has a proven track record in driving digital transformation for product-oriented businesses, integrated digital twins, and platform strategies for multiple product families.

Sammeer Saurabbh

CTO, HDFC Securities

Sammeer is a tech leader Technology professional with the proven ability to deliver impetus to business and operations via the efficient deployment of Information Technology.

Vijay Kumar

Chief Technology Officer, Xanadu

Vijay Kumar has vast experience working in multiple management/technology roles with cross-functional teams spread across multiple geographies, including India. APAC, European Union, and USA.

Viral Davda

Chief Technology Officer, NCDEX

A business-oriented and results-driven technology leader, Viral Davda has around two decades of experience managing technology and people to drive productivity, innovations, and operational efficiency to improve corporate profitability.

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