Most Influential Leaders In India 2024


Welcome to a groundbreaking edition of TradeFlock: “Most Influential Leaders in India 2024”. This issue celebrates the visionaries and pioneers who are not just at the helm of India’s economic revolution but are also the architects of a future where innovation meets impact. As India carves its place as a global economic titan, these leaders are the catalysts, driving growth and cultivating a culture of excellence. Inside, you’ll find exclusive insights into their strategies, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the transformative trends they’re spearheading.

Join us in exploring the stories of these trailblazers who are redefining leadership and powering India’s ascent on the world stage. Prepare to be inspired by the brilliance that is shaping India’s tomorrow—today.

Amzur Technologies

Srikanth Jampa

Associate Vice President (Oil & Gas)

Ion Exchange India Ltd

With over 25 years of driving sustainability in the Oil & Gas sector globally, Srikanth Jampa is at the helm of pioneering eco-friendly innovations in India. As the Associate Vice President at Ion Exchange India Ltd, he is deeply committed to water conservation, championing efforts to create a sustainable environment and tackling one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

Menrva Technologies

Asrar Mohideen
Asrar Mohideen

Associate Director- Global Talent Acquisition


Asrar Mohideen stands at the forefront of addressing the IT skill gap exacerbated by recent global events. Anticipating the shift towards skill-based hiring, he has adeptly restructured talent strategies to prioritise skills and potential over traditional qualifications. His dedication to connecting talent with opportunity and nurturing a culture of respect and empowerment marks him as a visionary in talent acquisition.

AUK Computing

Dilip Kumar

Founder Director

Vajirao IAS Academy

Dilip Kumar’s career is marked by relentless commitment, creative problem-solving, and a deep-seated dedication to educational advancement. His accomplishments stand as a beacon of motivation for individuals aspiring to academic excellence and those determined to make a meaningful impact on society.

Chropynska India

K Madhavan

Country Manager & President

Disney Star

K Madhavan’s extensive career, spanning more than 20 years, has significantly shaped the landscape of Indian television and digital streaming. His contributions reach far beyond his position at Disney Star, as he is the President of IBDF, the Chairman of CII, and a Director on the boards of BARC India and the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum.

Senior Director

Manish Bandlish

Managing Director

Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd

Manish, serving as the Managing Director of Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd., carries with him a wealth of over twenty years of expertise from leading companies. He excels in merging his comprehensive experience with a progressive mindset. Guided by his leadership, Mother Dairy isn’t merely staying current—it’s leading the way forward.

Director - AI

Nitin Chugh

Deputy Managing Director & Head (Digital Banking & Transformation)


Nitin Chugh is a prominent leader in the Indian finance and banking landscape, having made a lasting contribution over his three-decade career. His influential role and visionary leadership as the Deputy Managing Director and Head of Digital Banking at the State Bank of India have been pivotal in steering the venerable institution on the path to digitalisation.
















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