10 Best Corporate Leaders in India 2024


As a vibrant democratic republic, India’s global influence is growing. As the world’s fifth-largest economy today, India grew at one of the highest rates among major economies in FY22-23, reaching 7.2%, according to the World Bank’s most recent India Development Update (IDU). India’s growth rate was over twice that of emerging market economies and ranked second among G20 nations. 

A significant part of India’s economic growth is contributed to the vision and proactiveness of Indian corporate leaders. These corporate maestros create, deliver and capture value with their three reinvention actions – forming new strategic partnerships, developing novel products/services, and adopting new technologies. 

They are proactive in their strategies to ensure long-term business viability and are focusing on innovation, technology adoption, and strategic partnerships to navigate through challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

To celebrate the priceless contribution of Indian corporate trailblazers and their remarkable professional journeys, TradeFlock has composed its exclusive issue, “10 Best Corporate Leaders in India 2024”. 

Embrace yourself in inspiring and insightful interviews with some of India’s best corporate leaders, industry analysis, data-driven features on innovative technologies, leadership lessons, a spotlight on current affairs, and much more.

Amzur Technologies

Gandharv Sachdeva

Country Head - India


As Gandharv steers Hybrid’s course in India, his leadership style is marked by a forward-thinking approach and a sincere commitment to his team’s welfare. This has cultivated an environment where teamwork and development thrive. Looking back on his path, he recognises the hurdles overcome and the insights gained, each playing a role in his evolution as a guiding figure.

Menrva Technologies

Ashish Chowdhary

Managing Director

Apple India

In his role as Managing Director of Apple India, Ashish’s leadership has been instrumental in not only strengthening Apple’s footprint in the nation but also making India a key centre for the company’s international activities. His career is distinguished by strategic expansion and outstanding operations, making Ashish’s impact on Apple’s achievements in India both noteworthy and motivational

AUK Computing

Balu Chaturvedula

SVP & Country Head

Walmart Global Tech India

Balu leads Walmart Global Tech’s vision in India, focusing on fostering a culture of innovation and delivering seamless experiences for customers, members, and associates

His pivotal role in expanding Walmart’s supply chain team from over 60 to more than 600 individuals highlights his adeptness at fostering expansion and operational superiority through visionary leadership and inventive approaches.

Chropynska India

Dattatreya Ghosh

Country Head – SAARC


Dattatreya’s insightful leadership and tactical expertise have driven ROTHO to achieve unparalleled success. Ghosh stands out as a pivotal figure in the curing system sector because of his energetic leadership style and knack for turning obstacles into prospects. His unwavering commitment to innovation and foresight is forging a new path for the construction industry’s future.

Senior Director

Navdeep Singh Bhati

Director & Country Head - India

Global Gases Group

Navdeep Singh Bhati is renowned for his ability to boost revenue, increase profits, and guide sizable, varied teams with an international perspective. His broad experience covers areas such as sales and marketing, business analytics, project management, and financial oversight, equipping him with the skills necessary to navigate businesses to triumph.

Regional Sales Director

Ravikanth Mankala

Country Manager, India


Ravikanth exemplifies leadership that harmoniously combines analytical rigour with inventive breakthroughs. He is a role model who equips his team with the necessary tools and direction to succeed. His compassionate leadership nurtures an encouraging and vibrant workplace, promoting the prosperity of his team. Outside of work, Ravikanth’s enthusiasm for music, social engagement, and agriculture mirrors his comprehensive outlook on life.

Energy & Utilities,

Sambit Dash
Sambit Dash

Country General Manager and Managing Director


Sambit’s leadership has transformed Computacenter, setting new industry benchmarks through the adoption of advanced practices and the expansion of its service offerings. This forward-thinking strategy has not only fast-tracked IT modernisation but also boosted operational effectiveness, enabling multinational corporations to traverse complex digital terrains with speed and creativity.

Head, Asia Pacificers

Vimal Garg

Chief Executive Officer - India Region

Megamax Services Pvt Ltd

Vimal Garg is an accomplished leader whose expertise lies in turning strategic goals into tangible outcomes through his leadership. As the CEO of Megamax IT Services, Vimal has demonstrated a solid commitment to capitalising on opportunities and tackling challenges, which have been instrumental in his transition from a detail-focused manager to an experienced leader who has overseen multiple country-level positions.
















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