Malaysia Co-Partner With Chinese Automaker – BAIC Motor 

The Southeast Asian region is looking forward to joining a partnership with China-based automaker – BAIC Motor. With the aim of expanding the local production of EVs, earlier this year, an agreement was signed between BAIC and Gigafactory Malaysia (GMSB), a subsidiary of NanoMalaysia. It is done to develop EV battery technology to increase the production of trucks and buses. After this partnership, all the vehicles would be assembled in Malaysia, and it relaxes the growing tension between China and the West. Also, there is a new provision for newly raised US and European Union tariffs on Chinese-made EVs.

“The [Memorandum of Understanding] with BAIC covers a partnership that uses Gigafactory Malaysia’s battery in their swappable battery system for four-wheeler EVs. It would lead to the deployment of Malaysian-made battery technologies.”

  • NanoMalaysia CEO Rezal Khairi Ahmad

The company is on the verge of producing its first batch of EV batteries, which will validate vehicle production’s ability to surpass automobile demand. BAIC will provide the technology by integrating robotics and automation. It grew the localized production of key components found in the EV automotive segments. Depending on domestic and export markets, battery production will scale up economies to a larger scale. As Malaysia is at an early age of producing EV spare parts, it will create a flow for foreign direct investment to carry out home production like China. 

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