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Empowering The Shift Towards A Skills-Based Hiring

Asrar Mohideen

Associate DirectorGlobal Talent Acquisition,


The IT staffing shortages brought on by COVID-19, subsequently exacerbated by the Great Reshuffle and the Great Resignation, continue to impact companies today. A recent Korn Ferry study forecasts a global shortage of 85.2 million tech workers by 2030, expected to cost the global economy trillions of dollars in lost revenue. Whereas IT companies worldwide seek urgent solutions to the skill gap in the technology industry, leading these efforts with precision and passion is Asrar Mohideen, Associate Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Foodhub. With a commitment to connecting people to opportunities and fostering a culture of mutual respect and empowerment, Asrar recognised the shift towards skill-based hiring early on. He restructured his talent acquisition strategy to assess candidates based on their skills, abilities, and potential for advancement rather than solely on traditional credentials or degrees.
Looking to the future of work, his vision for talent acquisition focuses on embracing technological innovation, promoting diversity and inclusion, adapting to shifting workforce dynamics, and building a robust employer brand. In a conversation with TradeFlock, Asrar discussed the key challenges in global talent acquisition, his unique strategies and attributes contributing to his influencing leadership.

What drives your enthusiasm for talent acquisition across different sectors like startups and tech companies?

Starting with an IT start-up to process through consulting, services, OEM, and product sectors, I had a diversified journey that has enriched me with invaluable insights and a comprehensive outlook. While hiring is the foundation of any organisation’s success, TA is the most challenging and demanding role. I cherish my role as it allows me to significantly influence lives by recruiting individuals to pursue their dream careers. In talent acquisition (TA), we not only interact with hiring managers to understand business needs, whether technical or engineering, but also contribute to organisational growth. What drives me today is the multifaceted nature of the role of talent acquisition professionals, from sales to brand promotion and skilful salary negotiations within budget limits.

Could you share an effective recruitment strategy you've implemented to attract top talent in competitive markets like Europe, India, and the USA?

Most of our hiring occurs in India, followed by the UK, and then ANZ/USA. We operate in a candidate-driven market where job seekers hold the advantage and companies compete fiercely for top talent to drive their businesses forward. Our strategy across regions focuses on providing an excellent candidate experience, showcasing our Employer Value Proposition, and emphasising our core values. Additionally, we enabled quick candidate responses through ATS tools, employee referrals, and clear career progression opportunities. We also adjust job descriptions and language to fit local preferences and address skill gaps, ensuring we hire candidates who can advance our business objectives.

With your experience in employer branding, how do you use it to attract new talent and keep existing employees engaged and committed?

Employer branding is crucial for attracting top talent and achieving organisational success. It involves building and promoting the company’s reputation as an exceptional workplace, showcasing our unique culture, values, and opportunities for growth. By focusing on employer branding, we aim to attract skilled individuals, enhance employee engagement, and differentiate ourselves in a competitive market. Our efforts include maintaining a positive employee experience through continuous communication, recognition programs, and professional development opportunities. Effective employer branding also entails transparency with candidates about the pros and cons of working with us, setting clear expectations, and ensuring a good hiring experience—even for those not selected. This approach not only attracts but also retains top talent, fostering a supportive and thriving workplace.

What challenges have you encountered since becoming the global head of talent acquisition at Foodhub, and how have you addressed them?

Transitioning to lead global talent acquisition has been a transformative experience with its own unique challenges, as I worked in the engineering field before joining Foodhub. One notable challenge was adapting to diverse talent needs across various regions while aligning with Foodhub’s strategic goals. To meet these challenges, I developed scalable recruitment strategies that consider local nuances yet maintain a consistent approach. We also established satellite offices in Coimbatore and Madurai, hiring developers to support our technology needs and expanding our global presence, including India, Europe, ANZ, Egypt, and the USA.
This was indeed a great transition for me, and I’m glad it went well. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my CEO Ardian Mula, Head of Telesales Ahmed, Global People Director James Page, Global Director Imran Rashid, MD Jackie Sims and last but not least my TA team for their help and guidance at Foodhub.

How do you balance leading your team and being actively involved in ERP testing phases in Denmark?

I had the privilege of participating in the global implementation of SAP’s SuccessFactors for Vestas, a company operating in over 80 countries. I was one of ten individuals chosen worldwide for this comprehensive end-to-end testing and implementation project. This role was a significant milestone in my career, and I am deeply thankful to Morten Enggaard Rasmussen and Brian Mikkelsen for their trust and nomination. This experience also paved the way for my leadership in setting up an automated Talent Acquisition project for the Foodhub TA team using Zoho, which was completed in under 45 days. In today’s technology-driven world, I cherish the opportunity to connect with my global team daily via Zoom, WhatsApp, and email. I am enthusiastic about continuing to travel, collaborate, and share knowledge internationally.

How have your extensive travels and personal interests influenced your professional life, and how do you manage them alongside work?

I believe that travelling can be deeply enriching as it exposes you to new cultures and perspectives, fostering personal and professional growth. Besides offering numerous learning and development opportunities, travel also sharpens your problem-solving skills as new situations require quick thinking and decision-making. People who travel widely tend to be more adaptable and better at handling challenges. Additionally, travel increases your chances of meeting diverse and interesting people, which can lead to valuable personal and professional relationships.
















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