7 Best Apps For Business: Small, Medium And Large

It’s Monday morning and you’ve come to work after a relaxing weekend, open your laptop, but find your inbox flooded with emails, your desk with files and endless to-do lists. It is something that sucks about being a responsible member of the organisation. Business requires strategies to stay organised and ahead of the competition. Managing tasks like bookkeeping, sales, marketing, project management and other business needs is not a piece of cake. Something revolutionary, like apps for business, can help streamline business operations. From project management tools to finance and customer relationship management, the best business apps can reduce the maximum burden. Whether you are a solopreneur, a small business owner, or run a large corporation, the top apps can cater to all business needs. Let’s discover the best app for your business to manage operations seamlessly and boost business growth. 

Apps For Business To Streamline Your Operations

As you know, managing a business is not easy; similarly, choosing the best business apps that meet your needs is challenging. Here, we bring you a list of 7 best apps for business rated by Forbes Advisor for different purposes. 

1. Paycor: Best Human Resource App

Human Resources is the most underrated department of any organisation, but there is a lot that HR needs to oversee. From hiring, communication, and collaboration to optimising the business workflow and business expenses, all these tasks become easier with the Paycor app, one of the best business apps. This is the most reliable app, allowing HR to handle everything remotely. 

2. On Pay: Best Payroll App

Among the best business apps, On Pay is the ultimate choice for HR, which struggles to manage the payroll of employees every month. It reduces the chances of human errors and automates taxes irrespective of the size and type of business. However, you need to buy a per-person subscription. Moreover, it gets easily integrated with other apps for business, like QuickBooks and Xero, for extra benefits. 

3. Clockify: Best Employee Time Tracking App

Clockify is time-tracking software that helps managers monitor the time of individuals and teams. This app allows you to track the overall time spent on the project and other tasks on the job. Its array of features, such as time tracking, reporting, and management, makes it one of the must-require apps for business. The best part of Clockify is that it is free forever, making it budget-friendly for small businesses. 

4. Lightspeed: Best Credit Card Payment App

On the list of best business apps, Lightspeed is the best option for payment management. It is reliable, fast, and effective for small and large enterprises. If money transactions and keeping their records is a headache for you, try Lightspeed; it will reduce all the hassles by streamlining the transactions with integrated payments. 

5. Zoho: Best Business Expense Tracker App

Zoho is the best accounting software for small businesses. Among the apps for business, Zoho keeps all the records of the expenses online, manages them accurately and allows you to access them on the go. Besides calculating all the business expenses, Zoho also generates invoices and automates all the tax calculations. Isn’t it an excellent app for managing your accounts hassle-free? 

6. NordVPN: Best Mobile Virtual Private Network App

To keep your business operations secure, you would also need to use a VPN. NordVPN is one of the safest and most effective apps for business, which provides the utmost protection for your data and keeps your records away from the prying eyes of hackers and surveillance. With NordVPN, you can shield your digital business. 

7. Square Appointments: Best Scheduling App

Square Appointments is one of the best business apps to keep you ahead in this fast-paced world. Companies that need to streamline their tasks use Square Appointments. It automatically schedules your meeting and internal team coordination. Such apps also boost productivity while ensuring that the project deadline is met. Therefore, it is one of the necessary apps for businesses that small or large enterprises should incorporate in their operations. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do we need business apps for our operations? 

Large or small business apps have become essential tools for modern enterprises, offering benefits that help companies operate more efficiently, make better decisions and stay competitive in an ever-evolving market. These apps also boost communication & collaboration within the organisation, ease data management, and enhance customer relationship management. Therefore, we need apps for business nowadays. 

What are the apps you need to start a small business?

The best apps for small businesses are Accounting, Tracking, Financing, and HR. All these apps help business owners streamline their tasks and contribute to business success. 

Can I start a business with zero investment? 

Yes, starting a business with zero investment is possible if you’re choosing something that utilises your talent. Some of the zero-investment businesses are blogging, online teaching, yoga instructor, craft classes, etc. 

How can I open my small business?

Starting your small business requires skills and resources. 

  • Begin with research about your business
  • Create a business plan
  • Get your business firm registered 
  • Apply for the finance
  • Invest carefully

What are the strategies to grow your business? 

Starting a business is easier than maintaining it for the long term in a competitive market. Choose the following strategies to stand strong in the ever-evolving business market. 

  • Digital advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Promote It On Social Media
  • Perform Customer Research

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