Myflixer: Advantage, Disadvantage, and Consequences of Uses

Find out if the Myflixer website is safe to use and learn what consequences its users might face.

Is Myflixer safe or a legal platform to stream movies? We got such a query from several readers who are confused about the authenticity of this website. Therefore, we are compiling all the information a reader should know about Myflixer. 

With the increasing number of mischievous elements on the internet, as a responsible publisher, we have taken the responsibility to review online products, stores, platforms, websites, etc., to save our readers from making wrong decisions, and this write-up would be an eye-opener for the readers. 

What is

Since the pandemic covered almost half of the planet and lockdown began, numerous e-platforms that offer free movies streaming have mushroomed. Myflixer is one such online platform that offers up to 10000+ movies that a user can watch at no cost. 

Apart from that, it facilitates users with ad-free streaming of movies that too in high definition quality. Additionally, users can download and save movies to watch them later. Users can search for the movie they wish to watch or download through the search bar. The website has a vast user-base, and it gets considerable traffic every month; therefore, the website has a worldwide 34,830 ranking in Alexa. 

Why Do People Use Such Websites? 

Many users want to watch popular movies and TV shows, especially during the widespread lockdowns caused by the coronavirus outbreak. People spend most of their time at home to stay secure and healthy; therefore, it’s no wonder that looking for the excellent multimedia content is part of everyone’s daily routine. The popularity of online streaming services like MyFlixer has soared as a result of these factors. The portal mentioned above gives the idea that it is the best thing since sliced bread. The items on it are free to see, even in HD resolution, and there is also the opportunity to download and watch a movie in your free time.

How to Access Myflixer Online Platform?

As the e-platform showcases copyright content, the legal authorities have blocked the official website of Myflixer, and the platform keeps changing its domain to be accessible for users. Some of the altered links to access the platform are below-mentioned. 


How to Use Myflixer?

To watch free movies on the online platform of Myflixer, you need to follow a few simple steps mentioned below. 

  • Go to your browser and type the domain name ‘ 
  • If the result shows ‘This site can’t be reached,’ try other links mentioned above. 
  • When you access the platform using any mentioned above links, type your much-desired movie or TV show name in the search bar, or you can choose the movie by genre, country, or language. 
  • It will display the results of your search, and now you can choose the link to watch or download your desired movie or TV show in diverse qualities. 

Advantages of Myflixer 

  • It allows Ad-free streaming of your favorite movie or TV show.
  • It is safe to use as it doesn’t bring the virus to your PC or device. 
  • It takes no subscription fee to stream or download movies or web series
  • It doesn’t ask for your credit card details. 
  • You can access the website and watch movies from more than 35 countries. 

Disadvantage of Myflixer 

  • It offers pirated movies which are illegal in almost every country.
  • It fills up your screen with annoying pop-ups. 
  • As Myflixer offers pirated content, some reputed production houses have filed complaints against it. 
  • As we all know, it is an illegal website; creating an account may result in data theft.  

Is a legal website and safe to use? 

A question you should ask yourself is, “Why is this website offering movie streaming for free, while other OTT platforms such as Netflix and Prime Videos charge a considerable amount for the same?” Well, to answer such questions, our article is intende.  

Aside from the legal issues, there’s also the possibility that the service in question isn’t as harmless or user-friendly as it appears. When a Mac user visits MyFlixer’s online platform, a suspicious window appears, stating, “Please accept push notifications so we can update you after the streaming issue is fixed.” This is a common approach used by adware writers to increase the effectiveness of various malvertising operations. If a site visitor chooses “Allow” on that dialogue, advertising will appear on the home screen and in the default browser, disrupting their Mac experience.

Moreover, this illegal movie streaming website allows users to search, download, and save movies to watch for later. It has an enormous database of 10000 plus movies, which is easily accessible to any user. Apart from unlawfully broadcasting the movies, the website includes nothing which can be a cause for concern. But, still, there are consequences of using such an online platform. 

Consequences of Using Myflixer 

As per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the dissemination of copyright content is a criminal act by law. Those found guilty of copyright breaching under this act will face the following punishments. 

  • Prison for up to 5 years 
  • Fines and charges up to $150,000 per file
  • The legal action depends on the copyright holder’s accusation, and this ends up with paying legal penalty and cost for damages. 

Myflixer, the online platform, is newly introduced; therefore, the regulatory body of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. (DMCA) might not be aware of it. As the e-platform is gaining popularity day by day, it doesn’t take long to get the attention of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s regulatory body and its preventive action. 


As a responsible online publisher, we never advocate for pirated content and recommend our readers not to do so. All the information this write-up contains is informative. We inform users about the harmful effects of using copyright content websites on the country and industries producing video content. We encourage our readers to use legitimate websites to stream or download videos, as they, too, offer free content and films. Using unlawful online platforms can be harmful to film industries both financially and emotionally.

Final Words 

Myflixer is an e-platform that offers pirated and copyright content. Still, the popularity of this website is multiplying as it gets millions of traffic every month. Most users or visitors don’t know that it is an unlawful e-platform containing pirated content, and using or downloading movies via such websites is a criminal act in India. 

As we all know, it is an illegal website; creating an account may result in data theft. To protect yourself, enter a fake name, such as Vusumuzi Hove, along with a separate email address so none of your sensitive information is stolen in the case of a data breach.

Using such a website can boost the probability of malware attacks on your PC, laptop, or device. It may badly affect your PC or even steal your precious data. As responsible citizens of the nation, we must always use legal websites to stream and download our much-loved shows or movies as they have the license to broadcast the content.

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