Manish Bandlish – Leading the Charge in India’s Dairy Revolution

In a country that is believed to have rivers of milk and ghee, it is not surprising to see a dairy industry worth USD 131.5 Billion. India is the world’s top producer of milk, contributing nearly 24% to global production in 2022-23, but the sector’s size and scope also bring unique challenges. Leading such a significant industry requires a deep understanding of market trends, consumer demands, and a commitment to innovation.

In this complex landscape, Manish Bandlish emerges as a standout leader. As the Managing Director of Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd., he brings over two decades of experience in top-tier companies. Manish is adept at blending his extensive knowledge with a forward-looking approach.

Under his direction, Mother Dairy is not just keeping pace; it’s setting the pace. Manish focuses on adopting new technologies to boost efficiency and supports farming practices that benefit the environment. His leadership is reshaping how a traditional industry like dairy can continue to evolve and succeed by embracing modern solutions and sustainable practices.

The Journey of a Visionary Leader

Manish Bandlish’s journey to the top of the dairy industry is an appreciation to his perseverance, strategic acumen, and visionary leadership. An engineering graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia University and an alumnus of IIM Lucknow, Manish has over 27 years of experience in the FMCG, manufacturing and retail industries. His career spans various prestigious organisations such as Maruti, Marico, Subhiksha, Metro Cash & Carry, and JK Foods (Umang Dairies). Each of these roles has contributed to shaping his leadership style and business philosophy.

When Manish joined Mother Dairy as Managing Director in March 2021, he brought with him a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective. His approach to leadership is rooted in a deep understanding of the market dynamics and a commitment to fostering innovation.


He often remarks that “Innovation is not just about introducing new products; it’s about creating value for our consumers and ensuring the sustainability of our operations.”

Driving Innovation and Sustainability

Under his leadership, Mother Dairy has embarked on several initiatives aimed at driving innovation and sustainability. One of the significant milestones has been the company’s investment of ₹2,000 crore to set up five new plants across India, including Bengal. These plants are not only expected to increase production capacity but also enhance the company’s ability to cater to the diverse needs of consumers across different regions.

Manish’s vision extends beyond just business growth. He is a strong advocate for sustainable practices and believes in the importance of empowering the rural population. “Our farmers are the backbone of the dairy industry. By supporting them and ensuring they have the resources and knowledge to improve their practices, we are investing in the future of the industry,” he states. This philosophy is reflected in Mother Dairy’s numerous farmer-centric initiatives, which aim to enhance productivity and improve the quality of life for farmers.

Overcoming Challenges with Strategic Foresight

Leading a company of Mother Dairy’s scale comes with its own set of challenges. The dairy industry is highly susceptible to market volatility, fluctuating demand, and changing consumer preferences. However, Manish’s strategic foresight has enabled the company to navigate these challenges effectively. His emphasis on data-driven decision-making and agility has been instrumental in maintaining the company’s competitive edge.


“Adaptability is key in today’s fast-paced business environment. We must be prepared to pivot and innovate continuously to stay ahead of the curve,” Manish says. This approach has helped Mother Dairy not only survive but thrive in a competitive market.

A Legacy of Excellence

Manish’s leadership has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. His efforts have not only driven Mother Dairy’s growth but also reinforced its reputation as a trusted and innovative brand. The company’s turnover reached an impressive Rs 15,000 crore in FY 23-24, a significant increase from Rs 10,500 crore three years ago. This growth trajectory is an example of his effective leadership and strategic vision.

Looking ahead, Manish is optimistic about the future of Mother Dairy. His goal is to increase the company’s turnover to Rs 25,000 crore over the next three years, a target he believes is achievable through continued innovation and a focus on consumer needs. 

Manish says, “Our journey is far from over. We are committed to exploring new frontiers and creating value for our consumers, farmers, and stakeholders,”

Manish Bandlish’s story is one of visionary leadership, strategic foresight, and an unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. As he continues to lead Mother Dairy to new heights, his influence on the dairy industry and beyond remains profound. His journey inspires aspiring leaders and is an inspiration to what can be achieved through dedication and a clear vision. Under his stewardship, Mother Dairy is not just a company; it’s a movement towards a sustainable and prosperous future for India’s dairy industry.

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